Aerial view of the end of Tichá Valley and the High Tatras with Mount Krivan (2495m als) on the right and Mount Gerlach (2655m asl) in the background.
After a summer storm, a rainbow encompasses the summit of Mt. Kriván – the national symbol of Slovakia.
An old ridge forest emerges from the clouds.
Life returns with an explosion of biodiversity to a windblown forest patch.
The Carpathian blue slug is an endemic species to the homonimous mountains and thrives in bark-beetle affected forests.
Nothing can move a well-camouflaged female hazelhen from brooding in its nest on forest floor.
The Pigmy owl sings on a dead spruce in the approaching evening.
A deer hind, freshly killed by wolves, lays beneath a waterfall in a mountain stream.
The inquisitive look of a solitary female bear peering from behind a dwarf pine.
In September, the bell of rutting deer echoes in the whole valley.
Autumn colors reveal tree diversity of a mountain forest.
Mid-autumn is the time for brown bear families to gorge on blueberries.
A brown bear, standing on its hind legs, tries to figure out the source of a noise. This is often mistakenly interpreted as a display of aggression.
Tatra chamois are perfectly fit for the life in the mountains and can stand even the harshest weather conditions.
The sky, the stars and the wilderness. Mount Kriván and its range on a spring night.
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