A change in light reveals the return of spring to the old mountain forests.
A red vole has survived the winter feeding on a cache of beech mast.
The rare Lilford's woodpecker searches for insects in deadwood.
A camera trap snaps a photo of a highly endangered Marsican bear smelling a rub-tree.
Spring in the Apennines is a wash of green erasing the remains of the cold season.
Deadwood is crucial for the life cycle of the beautiful Rosalia longicorn beetle.
The rising moon lightens a tawny owl singing among the branches of a large tree
Autumn colors adorn the branch of a centuries-old beech tree.
At higher altitudes the old beech forests of Abruzzo encounter true alpine habitats.
Unmanaged, old-growth beech forests are the closest thing to wilderness to be found in Italy.
Red deer warily leave the safety of the forest to graze.
A red fox walks on the trunk of a dead patriarch.
Light playing with snow and trees at the upper timberline.
In winter the mountain forests become the reign of silence and solitude.
For centuries the old beech trees have been standing the harsh mountain climat.
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