Time for Wolves

with a foreword by Jim Brandenburg

ORME, October 2015


This book is the result of six years of work and of hundreds of days spent in the mountains of Central Italy. It features 130 ground-breaking and evocative pictures that document the life of wolves up-close. These blend with a gripping text, which follows the intense field experience of the author. Together they create a unique body of work and one of the first intimate portraits of the wolves of Europe in the wild.


The book in a nutshell 

Format 260x235mm

130 Color photographs

Weight 1.4Kg

Language: English

Pictures and words by Bruno D'Amicis

Foreword by Jim Brandenburg

ISBN - 9788867101436

Price €39,00 + shipment



Time for Wolves has been crafted with a delicate eye of an artist, the hand of a seasoned writer and the analytical mind of a scientist.”

Jim Brandenburg 





Tempo da lupi

prefazione di Jim Brandenburg

ORME Editori, Ottobre 2015


Questo libro è il risultato di sei anni di lavoro e di centinaia di giornate trascorse in montagna nell'Appennino Centrale. Viene illustrato da 130 immagini inedite ed evocative che documentano da vicino la vita dei lupi e che si mescolano al racconto avvincente delle esperienze vissute sul campo dall'autore. Insieme creano un volume davvero unico ed uno dei primi ritratti del lupo europeo nel suo ambiente.


Il libro in breve

Copertina rigida, 208 pagine

Formato 260x235mm

130 fotografie a colori

Peso 1.4Kg

Fotografie e testi di Bruno D'Amicis

Prefazione di Jim Brandenburg

ISBN - 9788867101429

Prezzo €39,00 + spese di spedizione



Tempo da Lupi è stato creato con un occhio delicato da artista, una penna da scrittore consumato e una mente analitica da scienziato.”

Jim Brandenburg






L'Ultima Estate / The Last Summer

Shepherd stories from Mount Maiella

by Bruno D'Amicis and Luca Del Monaco

MAC Edizioni, 2014


The pictures you will see in this book needed a special care to be taken. You cannot simply go and photograph a shepherd, you will need to photograph with the shepherd, meaning with this that you will need his complete collaboration. And, believe us, there is a rather big difference between the two expressions. Solitary and shy by nature, often incredibly discreet about their own privacy, shepherds surely rank among the most elusive and difficult subjects to be photographed, especially on the Apennines... 


The book in a nutshell

Softcover, 144 pages
Format 210 x 260 mm
110 + original pictures
Text in Italian and English
Foreword by Prof. Francesco Sabatini, Honorary President “Accademia della Crusca”; original, unpublished essays by Aurelio Manzi (naturalist and author) and Antonio Di Fonso (journalist)
ISBN - 9788890580147
Price: € 39,00 + shipment








Ornata - The most beautiful chamois of the world 

Darwin Edizioni, December 2011


This is the uncompromising way in which the Apennine chamois Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata is described. A distinct subspecies that lives in the mountains of Abruzzo where, miraculously, it had escaped extinction at the beginning of the 20th century. Very little was known about the life of this symbol of Apennine wild nature, perfectly adapted to a world of sheer rock walls and steep slopes, and able to survive both the capriciousness of the mountain climate and ambushes of bears, wolves and eagles...



The book in a nutshell

Hardcover, 144 pages
Format 220 x 280 mm
130 pictures
Parallel texts in English and Italian
Essays by ethologist Prof. Sandro Lovari (University of Siena)
Valuable, previously unpublished field sketches by wildlife illustrator Stefano Maugeri









The Last Stronghold

Fifteen years in the company of bears

by Bruno D'Amicis and Erik Balá

Adin, 2010


After three years of work and more than two hundred days spent in the field, the new book about the project to save the endangered wilderness of Tichá Valley in the Slovak Tatras is finally out!

The Last Stronghold" is a large-format book presenting the unique pictures of the Italian wildlife photographer Bruno D'Amicis and the first-hand wilderness stories written by the Slovak conservationist Erik Baláz. Bears, wolves, deer, chamois, eagles are just some of the protagonists of this book. Follow the authors in their adventures to document and preserve this last mountain wilderness in Europe!


The book in a nutshell

Softcover, 240 pages
Format 210 x 29,7 mm
130 Photographs
Text in English
Price: € 29,00 + shipment




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